Stakeholders of the Łódź Civic Panel “Greenery in the City” – ENROLLMENT

We continue to work on the Łódź Civic Panel “Greenery in the city”. Due to the epidemiological situation, we are changing the formula of our works. The Łódź Civic Panel is Poland’s first and Europe’s third civic panel implemented online!

 We are currently recruiting stakeholders for the panel. Who is a stakeholder?

It is a person or organisation whose interests are related to the topics discussed in the panel. The task of a stakeholder is to present the Panelists with its position on a given issue or a proposal for a recommendation. Thanks to this, the Panelists will get acquainted with various opinions and positions on greenery in the city.

The recruitment process lasts until 31 May inclusive.

Details and application form:



The Panel’s operator is the Institute of Public Policies. The ‘Greenery in the City’ Civic Panel in Łódź is implemented thanks to funding from the city of Łódź’s budget.

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